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My Thoughts for Texas, for America, for American Conservatism and Republicanism. 


I am on the Primary Ballot!  The primaries are very important and crucial to elect and make sure you have the right person for the job on the final ballot on November 6, 2022.  The primaries begin on February 14 - March 2022.


I am running for United States Congress, District 21 of Texas!  We MUST KEEP TEXAS RED!


Below are 10 Major issues that are Killing this State and our Country!  I need to address them Strongly as Your Congressman!

1.       We need to take Back of our National Debt and Unfunded Liabilities debt to the World.  Our debt is killing this Nation!  We are currently sitting at $32 Trillion in government national debt.  $165 Trillion in unfunded liabilities debt to the world!  We must spend over $7 Trillion each year in actual spending to run all of our Governmental programs and the Military through Mandatory and Discretionary spending.  We are now averaging over $12 Trillion in New nonsensical partisan spending Bills every year.  We gross over $10 Trillion a year in interest!  We do not expect to ever pay any of this off!  We do not even have a plan to pay any of this off!  This Rob Peter to pay Paul Plan in not working!!!  Stop the Spending!!!  You have to ask yourself, is this what we need, or is this what we want?  We cannot afford the Want!

2 .       We Must take Care of our Military.  Our military is the defender of freedom and liberty for all Americans!  Our Great military provides safety and security to America and to the World!  Millions upon millions of American military men and women have given the ultimate sacrifice to allow us to live free from tyrannical countries that wish us dead.  We must fund more our military armament and provide the tools for success for our great military men and women so that they can be successful and train to be a greater fighting force.  We must return to a “Peace through Strength” initiative!  They fight the fight out there so that we can live in peace over here.  Every single year that goes by, our adversaries grow bigger and stronger through tremendous spending.  Our leadership has stopped thinking of our Nations Security and has cut our Military's budget!

3.       We need to Fund more the Police!  We must defend and support our men and women of law enforcement!  Our men and women in blue are being killed every day across this nation.  They are being disrespected and hated from the media, celebrities, and Democrat party politicians.  These courageous individuals leave their house, their families every morning with no guarantee of returning home alive!  They know this might be the outcome and yet they still go to work, to protect and to serve!  They selflessly and heroically provide safety and security to the American cities and streets, so that we can live in peace and harmony from all criminals that mean to do us harm or kill us.  I love our police!  The crime in our city streets is skyrocketing!!!  We need more police to protect us and to rein back the crime and murders!

4.       We need to take back Our Energy Independence!  Our American oil industry was the greatest in the world and provided, not only energy independence from the world, but an extraordinarily Strong National Security stance.  We need to be strong from the world or we will not last as a sovereign and free country!  We must provide energy for our citizens, to our country at all times and at all costs! 

5.       We Must Defend Our Greatest Allies and support them in their darkest hour and attack from other tyrannical countries trying to kill them.  We need our allies to depend on us.  We are alone in a world without friends!  Let us not turn our backs on our Greatest ally and friend, Israel!

6.       We need to Seal the Southern Border of Texas!  We Must Take Back Our Texas Border!  We need an extraordinarily strong national border.  We must protect our American citizens from the world of criminals that aim to hurt or kill us.  America without an effective border is not a sovereign country, it will not last!  A Country without Borders, is not a Country at all!

7.       To take back the “Right to Live” for our tiny innocent little babies!  WE are the only voice for the tiny babies that cannot speak up and defend themselves.  I believe that any form of life has a living soul and must be given the right and opportunity to live!  What give us the right to take that away!?  God gave them the ability to live, we have no right to take that away!

8.       To take back our 1st Amendment of Free Speech!  Our media and government is slowly, but surely taking away our freedom of speech.   “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”  You can say that all of these instances are being heavily violated.

9.       To take back our 2nd Amendment of the Right to Bear Arms!  “A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a Free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”  Our government officials are trying like hell every day to take away all forms of guns from the hands of the American people.  Little by little, they chip away!  We must be able to defend ourselves against criminals trying to hurt our families and our lives!

10.   We must hold a Convention of States!  We do need to bring pressure to the state representatives to move forward with the Convention of States, given to our nation through Article V of the United States Constitution.  As the Greatest Nation on earth, we have lost all control of our government.  We the people are starting to believe and feel that we cannot do anything about it.  How can we rein back the powers of the government?  The answer is the Convention of States!  Our masterful Constitution is the greatest governing document ever created.  The Constitution has given every man, woman, and child, the right to life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, freedom of speech, worship, and the right to live our lives without the heavy hand of the government!  In our history, Congress has amended the constitution 27 times over the life of our great country.  The Constitution has been battered by the forces of greed and tyranny over the past few years.  We must take hold and take back what Our Constitution means and stands for, before we completely lose it!!!

We, United States Citizens, can no longer count on, nor depend on, career politicians to act against their own best interests and further strengthen their ravenous hunger for more government with more and greater power!

We must amend the Constitution to strengthen our rights and liberties!  We cannot count on the Representatives and Senators within U.S. Congress to perform this action, so we must use the method given to America through the United States Constitution – the Amendments under Article V, a Convention of States!  Our Great framers thoughtfully understood that the real power of the nation should not be within the federal government, but from the people within the United States.  Our framers created a pathway for the citizens to understand and to follow.  They made clearly that if there are any changes to be made to the Constitution, the only virtuous and correct group of representatives to make these changes should come from the individual states and not the representation of the federal government.

My Thoughts:

Our country is over 245 years old.  We have taken part in a lot of good for the American people and a whole lot of bad at the same time.  We are not a perfect country, but we are the most generous country in the world.  Our American citizens contribute hundreds of millions to charities throughout the world.  We help each other during horrendous National disasters.  At our dire times of need, we come together to help one another.  We look past our differences and move to help each other to survive and live past the bad times and events within our lives.  We stand together, shoulder to shoulder, to love one another and to help; we do everything we can to simply help and to survive.  This is the beauty of America and the beauty of all Americans.  Deep down inside, we all love one another, and we will always be there in the times of need within our darkest hour.

Today, America needs to stand together.  We must look past the bad that is coming from our elected officials and see the pure agenda they have for us and see the fact that they themselves are the ones stoking the fire from kindled logs of hate they have created.  Our politicians are making us angry and blaming all of us for being something that we are not.  We must ignore them when they say we are racist.  We must ignore them when they are saying we hate our neighbors.  We must go against everything that is coming out of Washington, D.C. and we must tell them that we are Americans, and we love each other!  We are not racist, and we will not stand on this notion that we are an extremely racist country.  Because we are simply not.  We have completely moved passed all this racist hatred up until the Democrat politicians noticed that they were losing their base.  They were losing their base to Independence and thinking for themselves and taking their lives into consideration and prospering on their own, not reliant on the government, not reliant on the Democrat Party politicians for help.

President Trump was the cannon heard round the world that blow away all Democrat politicians!  He is the century President!  You will never meet another man like him in 100 years!  This new sheriff came to town to drain the swamp.  He arrived to take away any notion that America was not going anywhere, and American lives would never get any better.  President Trump took the reins of our economy and brought the world the Greatest American economy in the history of the earth!  This action scared, to death, all the Democrat politicians.  They needed to try everything to get rid of our Great and Mighty President Trump.  In doing this, Democrats hurt the American people.  We were just cannon fodder as they tried to destroy everything that he tried to achieve and in doing so, they only hurt the American people.  You see, President Trump is bigger and mightier today compared to yesterday.  We love him and we look forward to his return!  American needs him now, more than ever!

President Trump created, with his great leadership and economic movements and policies, the lowest Unemployment Rates for African Americans, which dropped to 6.8 percent, the lowest rate ever recorded!  Hispanic-American unemployment had also reached the lowest levels in history!  More American women were finding better jobs at better pay wages!  The American economy was labeled “Full Employment” by economists as our country’s’ unemployment rate fell to 3.7 percent in September 2019, its lowest level since 1969.  President Trump expected the unemployment rate to go down even more as he had tremendous plans to move the economy in an even better direction.

The job market was gaining speed and growing fast as more competition for the workers was fierce.  Annual pay for the average worker increased 2.8 percent.  The price for fuel was low and steadily getting lower.  Lower gas prices meant lower retail prices for all Americans; it meant more money in the American pockets and their bank accounts.

Under President Trump, the American jobs boom had finally reached blue-collar workers.  He then passes a $1.5 Trillion tax cut for the American people when the economy was at full employment and the economy boomed like a rocket!  Americans were finding jobs with greater pay and keeping more money for their families and investing more in retirement.  Life was getting much better and brighter.  American was getting stronger each growing day!

Under President Trump, we had finally reached Energy Independence!  We were generating enough oil from our oil reserves to feed the United States and we were selling our oil to the rest of the world.  We were taking in hundreds of Billions from our oil exports.  This meant billions of dollars were going back to the United States and back into the pockets of the American people.  We have not reached energy independence for over 50 years and under the superior leadership of President Trump, he made it happen within 2 years!  Energy independence means Stronger National Security!  We do not have to depend on any country for fuel and that is critical for a Strong National Security.

President Trump re-energized our military by investing Billions into our military Armament and technological advancements.  He recognized our military men and women in uniform and loved them tremendously and dearly!  He revamped the VA and took control of how they treated our military veterans.  President Trump cared deeply for our military men and women and recognized their hazardous duties and protected them from going to war.  President Trump believed and used the “Peace through Strength” initiative as the foreign policy.  He was a tough President and Leader when handling all foreign affairs, especially with our greatest adversaries, like China, Russia, North Korea, Iran, and the like.  He kept all these countries at bay with many strategic policies, sanctions, and embargoes.  It all worked to America’s advantage as the world sat down and finally began to respect us and take us seriously.

Under President Trump, our national border was getting stronger and illegal immigration from foreign nationals was sharply dropping to levels not seen in many years.  I strong national border creates a stronger healthier Nation.  A country without borders is not a country at all.  We cannot be a sovereign country, an independent Republic, if anyone can walk into our country and decide, by them alone, that they are now citizens.  This type of thinking will completely take control of a country and change every aspect of it.  It will change all our traditions and cultures.  It will create poverty and crime.  It will produce citizens that will not like our country but despise it and change it to the countries they left.  We love immigrants.  We are a Nation of immigrants, but we must love the country we inherit.  We must learn our American history and cultures and continue our American traditions.  If not, we will not survive as America.  Any citizen wanting to come and live in America, to become an American citizen, must follow our laws and learn our history and traditions.  They should want to love their new welcoming country.  What is the harm in loving the county that takes you in and cares for you?  There must be some sort of love given back!  If not, why are they coming?

America is a guiding light for all the world to see, to emulate and to love.  Immigrants flee from crime, from tyrannical regimes, Socialist and Communist government run countries and turn to America for Freedom and Liberty.  They do this to save their families and better their way of life!  Who can blame them?  If we are moving to Socialism, where will any immigrant go for Freedom?  American must end this notion that we must move to a Socialist way of thinking.  We are moving in this direction amazingly fast, and this is very scary.

America does not Need or Want Socialism!  We must stop these Very Dangerous Individuals!  This Movement is Gaining Speed with No Signs of Slowing Down!  Today’s Youth believe in Socialism and that is Extremely Sad!  They have been taught to believe in Totalitarianism!  It has been instilled into their minds that they are to be lead and never to become a free thinker or a leader.

I chose to be a conservative Republican for many reasons.  I like the fact that we stand for fiscal responsibility, a strong job market, less taxes, energy independence, border security, a stronger military, a full respect for all our men and women in blue, our law enforcement.  We need to thank our men and women in blue, more than ever.  They need relief from the onslaught of hatred and the inhumane treatment they are receiving from the public and the Democrat politicians.


We are trying to be incredibly careful in how we spend our tax-based government money.  I do believe that we are going down into a very dark place concerning our federal tax dollars.  Our money has different colors that have been attached to hundreds of government programs, most of them purposefully hurting our American citizens and small businesses.  We are hurting the backbone of our economy.  We are killing our small businesses and not allowing for job creation and growth.  We need them to grow bigger, better, and stronger to prosper, thus creating opportunity, jobs, and careers.  Jobs create independence.  Independence creates prosperity, life, liberty, and Freedom.  Freedom and Independence from the government.

Conservatism is not that hard to understand.  We conservatives stand in simple allegiance to protect and build upon what is good, true, and everlasting.  We also stand for a smaller government that must bend to the will of the people, not the other way round.  We are extremely fortunate to have moved our country into freedom, prosperity, and security!  There is no other country on earth that has been more prosperous than the United States of America!

The Republican Party is a Compassionate Party, and it has always been a Compassionate Party.  The Republican Party is an Aiding Party that Tirelessly concerns itself through Humility in Generosity, Prosperity, and the will to fight for the success of all Americans.  We constantly fight to ensure and Guarantee Freedom for All.  We fight like hell to uplift the Citizen, not bring them down.  We teach the idea of Freedom and Liberty.  We help the Citizen to be successful in life and to be Independent.  We do this, so that all Americans will know how to provide for their families and alone, create Financial Security and Stability, Everlasting Prosperity and Pride; a Reliable Future they can always count on, a future that they themselves have create.  This is the great ingenuity of Americans.  We can uplift one another and help one another to better our way of life.  More importantly, we can show and teach the Citizen, that they can do all of this without the Helping Hand of the Government.  We understand the simple truth that a smaller government makes a better America.

Conservative Republicans hunger to help those that cannot help themselves!  We want to give the less fortunate the opportunity and the ability to achieve Greatness and Independence without any means of Government help and Government Spending!  We want to bring safety and security to the dangerous neighborhoods and the dangerous cities without the means of Government!  We want terribly to Fund, more, the police.  We want to provide healthcare and medicines to those that cannot afford it, without the means of Government!  We will provide non-governmental housing for those that have none!  We will ensure that small businesses have very little Business killing nonsensical Regulations, brought to them by none other than, the government.  In doing this, it will allow small businesses to flourish, to grow bigger, better, and stronger without the substantial reins of Government, in turn, creating jobs for our citizens.  We will provide the tools for success, and provide quality education for all families, without the means of the Government.

These actions give the citizen instrumental and Independent power to achieve success on their own, find and retain jobs and careers so that they are finally free and Independent, detached, and absent from the Heavy Hand and the burden of the Government.  We bring Liberty and Freedom to the American People!  Best of all, we provide a Great and Prosperous Future for All, a Stronger America!   If we cannot perform any of this by the way of Government, then we have not tried hard enough.  We will find a better way; WE must find a Better way!

Our Charge, as a Conservative Republican, is that we must meet the needs of the less fortunate American.  We must convince them that we can help and that we can change their lives for the better.  We must convince them that they can trust in us with their Lives and with their Futures.  We must convince them that we can Lead them in the direction of Liberty, Prosperity, and Freedom!  That they do not have to rely on any form of Government, to achieve this way of Life.

You see, Conservative Republicans create a Stronger Economy, a Stronger National Boarder, a Stronger Military, in turn a Stronger National Defense, a Healthier and Happier Citizen; we ensure, achieve and Keep National Energy Independence for our Country, and an Unwavering Independence from the World!  Let it be known and Understood, that the American Citizen Should Always be Independent from the Government and that Our Nation Should Always be Independent from the rest of the World!  Our American Nation should never have to rely on any other country for products and services to Survive, EVER!

I aim to be the Greatest Fighter of Freedom for my Proud District, for my Great State of Texas, and for my Remarkable County!  I believe that our political leaders have taken advantage of their offices and of you!  I believe that I can do a better job upholding and protecting the United States Constitution!  I believe your rights and freedoms are disappearing faster and faster by the hour and I see, not one soul trying like hell to stop it!  There are a few, but not many to throw a rock at!  Unless you are President Trump, I see no one else!  I absolutely understand the actions and movements being made in Washington, and I need to be the one to help fight back the reins of power from the government and bring it back to the American People!

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