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Michael Alexander



"I was Blessed to have been born in the Great State of Texas!  I am Made in Texas!  I was born in Corpus Christi into a Military family.  I am a third-generation military warrior!  My grandfather on my father's side served in the United States Navy during World War II.  He fought courageously in the South Pacific, beneath Japan.  He bravely defended and saved the world from tyranny by the greatest known evils ever displayed in human history!  My grandfather on my mother's side served in the Merchant Marines during World War II with great Honor!" 


"My father served valiantly and honorably for 36 years in the United States Coast Guard guarding the oceans and seas around the continental United States lasting through the years of the Vietnam War to Desert Shield/Desert Storm, and the Global War on Terror including Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom.  My father was known for his true and honorable convictions that made him highly respected and commended by all that knew and worked with him.  He was a Senior Chief Petty Officer that jumped to Chief Warrant Officer 4."


"Two of my brothers traveled the world courageously and honorably serving in the United States Air Force during the Global War on Terrorism including Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom."


"My sister married a true motivated leader who diligently rose through the ranks of the United States Army to becoming a Drill Sergeant training thousands of young military recruits to server their country proudly, so that they can provide freedom for all Americans!   He later became a Distinguished War Veteran and a hero for his illustrious service during while deploying to War in Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom.  He then returned home to become a 1st Sergeant in charge of a platoon of soldiers.  He was later recruited to serve in a distinguished position at the White House Transportation Agency for President George W. Bush."


Michael Alexander French served with Great Honor in the United States Army for 10 years and the United States Army Reserves for 7 years thereafter. 


​​His Decorations, medals, badges, citations and campaign ribbons awarded or authorized included: (1) Joint Service Commendation Medal, (2) Army Commendation Medals, (2) Army Achievement Medals, (1) Joint Meritorious Unit Award, (4) Army Good Conduct Medals, (1) National Defense Service Medal, (1) Global War on Terrorism Service Medal, (2) Non Commissioned Officer Professional Development Medals, (1) Army Service Medal, (1) Army Meritorious Unit Citation Ribbon, (1) Joint Meritorious Unit Award Ribbon, (1) Army Presidential Unit Citation Ribbon (1) Presidential Service Badge (1) United States Joint Chiefs of Staff Badge.


He started with the 252nd Signal Company, Fort Gordon, Augusta, Georgia and Fort Buchanan, Puerto Rico as a Senior Radio/Telephone Single Shelter Switch Supervisor from January 1999 to July 2002.  He provided tactical communications support for the United States Southern Command area of responsibility for disaster relief, humanitarian assistance, and peace keeping operations throughout Central and South America and the Caribbean Islands.


He deployed as a Team Chief Leader of a Tactical Automated Switchboard with Joint Task Force Santa Fe in El Salvador from January 2000 to May 2000; Joint Task Force Sebaco in the Republic of Nicaragua from May 2000 to September 2000, providing a reliable Tactical Defense Switching Network (DSN) for the support of base camp Commanders and base camp operations.  He also deployed for Trade-winds 2001 in Trinidad and Tobago supporting 21 other countries in the communications training of the United States Special Forces and the Trinidad Special Forces.


Michael then transferred to the very distinguished White House Communications Agency, in Washington, DC from July 2002 to May 26, 2008, as a Lead Wide Band Radio Systems Supervisor / Technician.  Michael was “The Voice of the President!”  He was a fully trained; highly experienced Radio Frequency telecommunications subject matter expert in terrestrial satellite communications both as a supervisor trainer and as a technician.  He provided direct support to the President, the Vice President, the First Lady, the United States Secret Service, and senior members of the White House staff on over 85 worldwide deployments and the Washington, DC area with the White House Communications Agency (WHCA) under President George W. Bush.  He is a proven team leader; a supervisor that can effectively manage individuals and maintain cohesiveness in teams.


The White House Communications Agency provides global information services to the president, the vice president, the Executive Office of the President, and the United States Secret Service; ensuring the ability of the White House to communicate anywhere, anytime, and by any means possible without fail!


He ensured 100% reliable communications worldwide for a total of 645 days while deployed on 85 Presidential, Vice Presidential, and First Lady missions with 100% equipment accountability with zero injuries to personnel.  He maintained 100% accountability and serviceability of over 4,500 line items of radio equipment valued at $65 million and sustained over $100 million of the 3rd Presidential Communications Commands’ equipment as the Equipment Management Branch (EMB) Warehouse Non-Commissioned Officer in Charge (NCOIC) liaison. 


He traveled on an emergency mission to Gulfport, MS following Hurricane Katrina; engineered and installed a complete radio infrastructure for the arrival and inspection of President Bush.


After getting injured during his last months within the Regular Army, he was able to leave and continue his military career in the Army Reserves.  He served within the 3200th Strategic Intelligence Group as a Special Intelligence Analyst Staff Sergeant within the Pentagon in the Iraqi Cell and the Afghan Cell.  His on point and diligent work was passed up to military Generals and commanders that reported directly to the Secretary of Defense.  He served within the Pentagon from May 2008 until May of 2015 where he was medically and Honorably discharged from service.  He has finally succumbed to his injuries within the regular Army years and was finally let go.


During his time as an Army Reservist, he became a Sr. Principal Engineer, Satellite Hardware; Subject Matter Expert communications contractor and deployed for a total of 6 times, equaling close to six years, within the hazardous Red Zone fighting countries of Iraq and Afghanistan.  Michael worked hand in hand with the War Fighter!  He lived in several cities in Iraq, i.e. Baghdad, Kirkuk, Mosul, Basrah, Al Kut, and Al Kindi for 19 months and traveled extensively in the many Red Zones providing command, control, communications, computer, and intelligence systems (C4IS) operations and maintenance support (O&M) to the War Fighter.


He then deployed to Afghanistan three times with over 27 months of combined field time in a Hazard duty environment.  He deployed and commissioned 7 sites; maintained 23 sites at Forward Operating Bases (FOB’s) with Tri-Band SATCOM Tele-Communications equipment for the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency in support of the Warfighters in Afghanistan.  He constantly taught other U.S. military personally how to troubleshoot and maintain equipment while always keeping a full mission readiness.


Michael traveled throughout the two countries in ground vehicle convoys, Black Hawks, CH-47 Chinooks, C-130’s, and Cessna’s, to get where he needed to go during harsh winters and extremely hot summers; during mid-day drop offs to nighttime Hot Landings!  There were may In Direct Fires (IDF’s) and close encounters, but he loved the service and to be with his fellow soldiers more than anything!  We must do all that we can do to support our Military, to be the Best in the World and to Keep America Safe and Free!


Before his military career, Michael worked in the Texas oil and gas industry for 5 years.  He lived on crew boats and offshore supply vessels transporting platform crews and supplies to countless oil platforms within the Gulf of Mexico.  He was a Tankerman on push boats and tug boats moving crude oil barges through the inner-coastal waterways of Texas, Louisiana, and the Mississippi River. 


His extensive and grueling years working within the oil industry gave him the prodigious knowledge and understanding of how the oil industry operated and how it must continuously progress and move forward.  Even at this early stage in his life, he recognized how this industry is of great importance to America’s National Security.  He understands this industry and the huge importance it plays for the American families it employs.  We must remain energy Independent from the World! 


After moving back to Texas to be with his family, he finally tied the knot to an incredibly beautiful woman on September 2, 2016 in Helotes, Texas! 


Michael does possess a Bachelor of Science in Computer Networks and Cybersecurity, from the University of Maryland University College.  He now works as an Intelligence Analyst at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas.


Michael does believe that all his years of service and experience in dealing with insurmountable pressure and crazy adventures will help him deal with the pressures of working in Congress for the American People! 


"I have lost all of my confidence in my current Representatives, my leadership in Texas as they are not trying hard Enough!  We must try harder and better for the people of Texas!  I do not see it right now!  I am not impressed!  We are not trying hard enough!"


"I will conjure up all his intellect and might to defend Life, Liberty, and Independence for Texas and the American People!"


"I will provide Freedom, Prosperity, Safety and Security to all in my charge and for those I will not represent.  I love all Texans no matter their religious or political beliefs.  I will try hard to help everyone!  Most of all, I will defend the United States Constitution as written, no matter the costs!  Millions upon millions have died to protect your freedoms and liberties, most of all, the United States Constitution!  We must give our due respect to defend it to the end!  We must protect our Republic and the people within it!  We must protect America!"

"I support President Donald John Trump - 1 Million percent!  I believe he will be back in 2024!  He is a Century President!  You will never meet another man like him in one hundred years!  You will never meet another like him in three generations!"

"We need Warriors, we need Veterans in the United States Congress that will standup and stand behind President Trump through all that he will need to accomplish to Make America Great Again, AGAIN!!!


Michael Alexander French is running for U.S. Congress, Congressional District 21 of Texas!  He Will Proudly Serve the Great Citizens of the Lone Star State!

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