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Seal the Texas Southern Border, NOW!


We Must Seal and Protect Our Southern Border, Now! We Must Stop this Illegal Foreign National Invasion! We Must Complete the Wall and Enforce Our Federal Immigration Laws!


Texas is no longer a Sovereign, Secure, and Safe State! America is no longer a Sovereign, Secure, and Safe Country! We do not have a Southern border! We do not even have a line in the sand! Our Federal Immigration Laws are Not being Enforced!


The Great Dilution of Texas is underway! It must be stopped! Now!




We must Seal the Southern Border and stop all illegal immigration. We must process and regulate foreign nationals at Ports of Entry. We are a Nation of immigrants, but we must continue to perform responsible and careful immigration. We must comply with all federal immigration laws passed by the U.S. Congress.


The body of law governing U.S. immigration policy is called the “Immigration and Nationality Act (INA).” That law is now unconstitutionally ignored and those that are willfully and politically ignoring it, must step down in shame.


Illegal Foreign Nationals are being shoved into our cities and towns!  They are draining all of our social programs and resources!  This Unconstitutional act is killing our Nations’ sovereignty! This act is killing you!


Our schools are overrun! Our Streets are overrun! Our State is overrun! Our Country is Overrun!


Over 2.5 Million illegal foreign nationals have flooded into Texas in 2021!

We Must capture and immediately deport All Illegal Foreign Nationals and send them back to their Countries of Origin! They are not our responsibility!


The United States belongs to the American Citizen, not the World! Stop All Federal programs and assistance for these foreign nationals! We cannot afford to feed the World!


Our United States Constitution, Our Bill of rights, Our Safety and Security, mean Absolutely Nothing to the New Marxist Democrat Party!


Your lives will never be the same! Our American cultures, traditions, holidays, entire economic system, schools, medical facilities, police forces, emergency first responders, health, safety and security will never be the same!


America is teetering on the edge of Failer! No country on ‘God’s Green Earth’ can ever survive from this type of a willful Gargantuan Uncontrolled Invasion!  This Onslaught of Millions upon Millions of Illegal and Poverty-Stricken Welfare Driven Populous, from the Entire World, will Kill Our State and Kill this Country!


These Illegal Foreign Nationals will Not love America!  These Illegal Foreign Nationals will Abuse America!  They will take over your property, your money, and your rights!


The Democrat Party politicians are purposefully flooding Texas with Democrat voting Illegal Foreign Nationals from countries around the world!  Over 2.7 to 3 million illegal Foreign Nationals are flooding, without impedance, into our country at the Southern Border of Texas every single year!  Our country will not survive with this horrific policy of allowing the world to stampede into America and stealing FIAT money from our bankrupt social programs.  Drugs, Crime, Death, Child Sex Trafficking, Human Smuggling, Terrorism, Disease, Famine, Homelessness, Poverty, Joblessness, and Depression is coming and the Democrats are laughing!  By Flooding and Diluting the American Citizenry, you can then successfully drown out our culture and history!

Paid for by French for Congress

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