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The Death of Debt for America, is Coming!  Our National Debt is Unsustainable!  It’s Killing Our Great Nation!!!  We Must Stop the Spending!!!

My "THE REPUBLICAN MAN" podcast will explain Our Unsustainable National Debt!  You can read below or just listen!

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MY ANSWER: STOP the Spending and cut the Federal Government in Half!  We Must Drastically reduce the Federal Government to take back control over our debt and to take back America!


WARNING, this is a long read, but it is extremely Important!


A National Debt is the Killer Nations, it’s the Killer of All Nations!  It will be the Killer of Our Nation!  Our National Debt Will Kill this Country!  Stop the Spending!  There is a time to ask yourself, Is this what we need or is this what we want?  We cannot afford the want and we most certainly cannot afford the need!


History Lesson on our Current Government Spending:


March 27, 2020:  A $2.2 Trillion Bipartisan Trump CARES Act economic stimulus bill was passed in response to the economic fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic to help the American People. 


March 2020:  A $3 Trillion Partisan Bill, an ideological wish list for the Democrats called, “The Health and Economic Recovery Omnibus Emergency Solutions Act – the HEROES Act” was passed.


December 21, 2020:  A $900 Billion Bipartisan Bill was passed for more relief after some of the Trump CARES Act programs had expired.


March 2021:  Another $2 Trillion Partisan Bill, an Ideological Wish list, “the Biden and Nancy Bill”, COVID-relief package passed with only 9% actually going to the American people and the rest of the money going directly to the poorly run, bankrupted Liberal/Democrat cities and states as bailout of insurmountable accumulative debt that metastasized over the years!


Today:  Joe Biden is looking for a ridiculous $4.1 Trillion Partisan Ideological Wish list Infrastructure Bill.  This bill will be the Largest in U.S. History and World History!


Today, Biden is looking for $1.8 Trillion to pay for the American Families Plan, essentially to keep tens of Millions of Families in Permanente welfare, dependent on the Government for life.


This totals $14 Trillion U.S. Dollars in fundamentally ONE YEAR!!!  Our Nation is only averaging $3.5 Trillion in Federal Tax revenue each year.


Within the last calendar year, we have spent over $8.1 Trillion in Stimulus Bills of Money we do not have.  This fake Fiat money, this funny money is paying for our Governmental Bipartisan and Partisan Bills that are too costly and systematically worthless and very wasteful.


During the past 12 months, the Government has spent Americans into a deeper debt of over $8.1 Trillion Dollars.  Now they WANT another ridiculous $4.1 Trillion Partisan Infrastructure Bill Ideological Wish list Bill that “Will” pass, not by Congress or the Senate, but by an Authoritarian Executive Order from the hands of Biden.  The Harris and Biden administration is planning on deceiving America with the wrongly named, Infrastructure Bill, which will be not only be the largest in U.S. History, but in World History!


They are also planning on the inappropriately named, “American Families Plan for 1.8 Trillion.  Not to mention, very influential Democrats want over $10 Billion for a savagely named “Person Climate Corps to recruit a 1.5 million person Socialist style Army to travel throughout the country and fine, to death, small businesses and the individual American for doing anything the “Person Climate Corps” deems environmentally unsound.


These future Bills, which is only the beginning of many, as we are only within the 4th month of a 4 year regime of the Harris/Biden administration.  These future Bills total $14 Trillion U.S. Dollars in a year and a few months!!!  Again, Our Nation is only generating $3.5 Trillion in Federal Tax revenue, Average!  And we spend $6.6 Trillion to run the many Governmental programs and the Military within the Federal Budget.  This budget includes $4.6 Trillion to run the government in Mandatory spending, $1.6 Trillion in Discretionary Spending, and $300 Billion in Net interest from the $6.6 Trillion federal budget.


So, we can safely say, we have spent 6.6 Trillion within the United States Federal Budget, 8.1 Trillion in COVID Relief Bills to give us $14.7 Trillion within 1 calendar year!  This does not include the $4.1 Trillion Infrastructure Bill and the American Families Plan of $1.8 Trillion.  A Grand Total of 20.6 Trillion within a year and a half!


On the heels of our economic recovery, the powerful and residual growth from the Masterful design of President Trump’s American economic recovery plan, we do not need any more spending of FIAT money!



When Our Nations’ Credit Rating falls and the Lending countries start to decline lending Money to us, what then?!  What will happen to the United States then?!  What will the Lending countries do when we do not payback our debt … THEIR MONEY?!  They want their MONEY!  What will happen when “the” government robbing Peter to Pay Paul national plan stops?!  What will happen when the foreign money stops?!


Nuclear Counties like China will Demand their Money back!  The American people will not have any government programs to depend on for any articles of LIFE!  We will crumble and begin to have very violent uprisings within all of our great cities.  The American citizen will begin to turn on one another as they need to survive and feed their families.  This will begin to happen!  You witness this in other countries today.  Nothing says it cannot happen here!


When you have no job, when you have no food, when you have no housing, when you have no clothing, when you have nothing!  You begin to fight for your life, as others will do the same!


Disaster will Strike!  Others will begin to kill, to have what you have!  They need what you have …  to survive!  You do not have to look very far to see a country that is currently within this horrendous and deadly State!  ---  Look at Venezuela !!! 


You have listen and you have to understand!  Please comprehend what I am saying!  We have an Expiration Date!  The United States has an Expiration Date!  And this date is here!  It is not in your children’s future.  It is not your grandchildren’s future!  The Expiration date of the United States of America is NOW!!!


Future historians will write about this spending and this Great perversion that is our American financial system.


We live in a time where a tiny handful of people have their fingers on a button that can conjure Trillions of dollars out of thin air.  Today, it comes down to one man.  Just one!


With a single decision, he controls the lever that dictates the entire economy.  When you control the money, you control everything!  You control financial markets, consumer prices, risk perceptions, investment habits, savings rates, hiring decisions, pay raises, sovereign debt, housing starts, etc.  One man dictates for all!!!


This irrational, arrogant system of thinking and spending has to stop!  It must stop!  It is literally going to Kill Us!


Future historians will probably also be dumbfounded when they see how long the American people stood by and allowed for this worthless, unbacked fiat paper, this funny money, this Monopoly to pass as real Hard-Core Money and the amount of uncontrolled spending we allowed our government to perform!  It’s extraordinary that most people today happily accept this perception that America is within a good and sound financial standing!


I see an unstable government that has overspent us out of our future.


We are destroying the Futures of our children and our grandchildren!


Get Ready for Inflation, heavy taxation, and the Great drop in Value of the U.S. Dollar as it will be Falling at a Grave Rate!  Our Economy will Most Assuredly Crash and the Next Great Depression will Most Certainly Come!  We are in for a Significantly Horrific and Deadly Ride!


Ladies and Gentlemen … remember these five words … please, as I believe in them with all of my mortal being …


“Independence, Prosperity, Life, Liberty, and Freedom!”

Paid for by French for Congress

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